Frauke Möbius

Frauke Möbius

Tap Into Your Power!

It is my deepest passion to help you lead a happier and more successful life.

I work mainly with entrepreneurs. That’s because running your business and all the challenges involved in it are bound to bring you up against inner rules, blocks and unhappy experiences. These are always rooted in your personal history. Few people know that those rules, blocks and patterns can be found, and either released or transformed. With EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), this is a fairly fast process that I can guide you through. I like to call it The Entrepreneur’s Fast Track.

I discovered EFT while scouring the web to help a friend with a newborn baby who wouldn’t stop crying. However, my only hint was an obscure reference to “tapping for a baby”, impossible to google. In a flurry of synchronicity, I first found a book on tapping at an acquaintance’s place, then landed on the website of Gary Craig, who developed EFT. I subscribed to the newsletter and followed it in awe. It came out every two to three days, and I couldn’t wait for the next one. Helping people just like those amazing practitioners in his stories did became my new passion.

Following this passion led me to train as coach and then brave the exam as non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy, as we’re called in Germany. At the same time, I started my training as EFT practitioner, first with a class with Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake, then with the German couple Robert and Gabriele Rother (who were trained by Gary Craig directly).

Now, years later, I run my own EFT practice and Moebius-Coaching online. During that time, I’ve come to focus on the limiting patterns that we develop during our lives to protect ourselves from hurt and pain. These protective patterns usually gain in strength during childhood when they serve us well. However, they also start limiting ourselves when we are grown and striving to lead successful lives. I love the moment when my clients’ eyes light up as we start transforming those patterns and turning them into firm support.



I am officially a non-medical practitioner of psychotherapy, licensed according to German law, as well as a certified EFT-practicioner.

Currently, I live in Germany on the Baltic shore, enjoying the mild climate and the gentle people of Kiel. I read and speak English daily, and – this is a little secret – I am a published author under the pen-name of Hannah Steenbock.

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