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Power Sentence July 7th

    To gain the full power of this sentence, read it out loud to yourself. Be aware of any thoughts or feelings coming up. If there are doubts, or resistance, get clear on them. And then… tap them away.

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Happiness is a Choice

Really? What if anger, resentment or frustration are running strong? How can I choose happiness instead? The problem is that most of us never learned how to actually handle emotions or feelings. We were never taught what they really meant. … Continue reading

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Family Law #1

One of the most basic laws in the family system is about belonging. It simply says that everyone belongs into a family, entering it either by birth, by becoming a parent, or by marriage. Dissolving the ties to a family … Continue reading

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Still Laughing at Trauma?

I’m writing this blog because I’m still furious. You see, some days ago I ran into a discussion on a blog where a traumatizing event was dismissed out of hand by the commentators. They told the person who opened up … Continue reading

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What if I’m not good enough?

Throughout our lives, we have been taught to compare ourselves with others, starting in kindergarden at the latest. We compared the pictures we created. We compared our running speeds. We compared grades in school and competed for best of class … Continue reading

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Tapping Away a Headache

Now, just to make one thing really clear here: I’m not an MD, and I cannot give medical advice. So if you have a persistent headache, please go and have a doctor look at you. What I can do is … Continue reading

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The Thing about Forgiveness

You’re reading it everywhere, especially if you’re interested in personal growth: Forgiveness. Forgive everyone, everything, and most of all, yourself. That’s the fashion. That’s the order of the day. The real truth is: It’s not that easy. Yes, we can … Continue reading

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“Heart-centered”? It’s all over the web. Heart-centered this, heart-centered that … But what does it really mean? The heart is seen as the center of emotion, at least in the Western world. And in the “real world”, emotion has no … Continue reading

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