Accident: Horse Steps on Toe



Accidents and injuries happen all the time. And EFT can be a big help, especially with smaller injuries. This little tale is about using tapping to ease an injury and an example for how to use EFT as selfhelp.

Before I launch into the story, however, I have to remind you to see a doctor for injuries – EFT does not replace a doctor’s visit, nor should you rely on EFT alone for injuries. Please be careful and responsible at all times and use common sense.

Now, I started riding horses again a while back, after having ridden a lot as teenager. And of course, a riding stable is not necessarily a very safe place. Accidents happen, and with animals weighing half a ton, they can be painful.

On this particular day, we had finished our lessons, taken care of horses and tack, and were standing in the yard just chatting. I noticed that one of the women in the group tended to avoid putting her weight on one foot, and I asked her if there was anything wrong. She sighed and answered that a horse had stepped on her toes. I remember well the pain of this … I think every rider gets stepped on eventually.

Anway, I offered her an experiment: We could tap and see what that would do for her pain. So we settled in the club room and got comfortable. In fact, she pulled off her riding boot, which worried me a little. Would she be able to put it back on? Usually toes that get abused like that tend to swell.

I started by asking her which toe was affected: The one next to the pinkie on the right foot. I then asked her to rate the pain on a scale of 0-10. It was an eight. (No surprise that she had a hard time walking!) I also asked her about the color of the pain: A nasty red. And then we tapped:

Even though I have this nasty red pain in my second toe on my right foot, because that stupid horse stepped on it, I’m okay the way I am.

The pain went down. The woman’s eyes grew round. I checked back with the color and it had turned into a lighter red.

Even though I still have some of that light red pain in my second toe on the right foot, because that stupid animal stepped on it, I love myself anyway.

The pain went down some more, and she was even more surprised. I asked her if she might be a little angry at the horse. Yes, she was, at a five on the scale.

Even though I’m angry at this stupid nag for stepping on my toe, I’m okay the way I am, and the horse is, too.

I knew she loved the horse, but it didn’t matter at that point. This part is very important when tapping for injuries caused by accident. Anger can block the self-healing of our body, so it’s important to acknowledge it and release it. In this case, she stopped being angry at the horse almost immediately. So I asked her how angry she was at herself for not paying attention. And yes, she was, right back up at a five. One more thing to tap, then.

Even though I’m angry at myself for not paying attention, for not pulling my foot away quickly enough, I’m okay the way I am.

The result stunned her and delighted both of us: The pain was completely gone. She pulled on her boot with no problem at all (to my big relief!), and she could stand and walk normally again, without any pain at all. The whole process took about 15 minutes.

Have you tapped on pain yourself? Please consider sharing your story in a comment, so others can learn from it.

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