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Little Things for Joy

It’s quite possible to find a lot of joy in little things – and I encourage you to actively look for them. That little burst of joy is a little inoculation against sadness, maybe even depression. It works especially well … Continue reading

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Power Sentence July 7th

    To gain the full power of this sentence, read it out loud to yourself. Be aware of any thoughts or feelings coming up. If there are doubts, or resistance, get clear on them. And then… tap them away.

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Power Sentence

Power Sentences are an awesome tool. Just read it the sentence in the picture out loud and see what happens. Often, there is some resistance. And that is a good thing, because now you can discover what’s holding you back. … Continue reading

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My blog has moved.

For my wonderful, hopeful visitors: My blog has moved to a new place. While I still do EFT for many, many things, and still work with clients on all of their issues (unless it moves into the realm of therapy, … Continue reading

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Happiness is a Choice

Really? What if anger, resentment or frustration are running strong? How can I choose happiness instead? The problem is that most of us never learned how to actually handle emotions or feelings. We were never taught what they really meant. … Continue reading

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New Year, New Focus

It is a brand new year that lies ahead of us. And I’m sure you’re already tired of hearing New Year Resolutions or the Word of the Year stuff. (Yes, I do love the Word of the Year, and I … Continue reading

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Worry = Love?

Most of us know how to worry. We allow our thoughts to bring up images of destruction, failure and loss. We spend time and time again with scenarios that just might be. Worry even prevents much needed sleep, keeping us … Continue reading

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The Shoe Mentality

What is that? Well, for many of us, life is like having a pair of shoes, one of good luck and one of bad luck. You have to have both in your life, right? And you take an equal number … Continue reading

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Giving Permission

Are you allowed to really feel good? To be ridiculously happy? To be incredibly rich? To be utterly successful? Probably not. Most of us have a sense for what’s allowed for us and what is not allowed. We have limits … Continue reading

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