Work with Frauke

Easy to work with

Easy to work with

I mostly focus on working with authors now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help. EFT is very adaptable. And I’m very easy to work with.

Here’s what we can do:

We schedule 60 min sessions over Skype – it feels as if we’re sitting in a room together because of the cam. That makes tapping together really simple, because I lead and you follow with the points and the words.

What happens in a session?

We get clear on your goals and obstacles. And then we tap on what’s blocking you to reach your goals. The shifts happen quickly, and they usually stick. I draw on the experience of six years of therapy and coaching work, using EFT, my knowledge of how the brain and mind work, and my insight into family system dynamics.

And we have fun. Because working on blocks, limiting beliefs or family rules doesn’t have to be dreadful or even painful.

I find that five sessions is usually enough to work through big blocks. Three are good for less complicated beliefs. And one session is usually just a quick intervention on a very specific topic.

From what I’ve seen, lasting effects are much more likely when we work together for a little longer, because we can do deeper and work along with the shifts that are occurring after each session. That’s why I have a little incentive to nudge you towards larger packages. I want you to succeed!

1 session: $100
3 sessions: $250
5 sessions: $400

All taxes included. (That’s how it works in Germany.)

Interested? Send me an email – just click HERE.