I can’t even get started!



Are you familiar with this? There is something you really should or want to do, and you find yourself doing a lot of other things instead. Maybe you’re reading all ten volumes of your favorite series. Or watching all episodes of Star Trek from DVD. Or you’re playing Solitaire, cleaning your house like a whirlwind or editing the pictures of the last vacation.

Instead, you should keep a deadline, write an important letter or work on a project where your passion lies. And you don’t quite know what’s driving you to distraction and into numbing yourself with those activities.

It’s stress.

“Stress?”, I hear you say. “But I want to do these things, and just can’t seem to get started.”

That’s because this particular stress is caused by subconscious fears. Old programs and patters drive us to avoid those activities that your conscious mind wants. And this stress then makes us disconnect and numb ourselves with “safe” activities. This is the “safe” option, even if it causes more and more stress, as the deadlines won’t go away.

It’s not logical, of course. But then, our subconscious is not logical in the usual sense. It expresses itself in feelings and emotions and half-conscious actions.  And so we avoid any task that our subconscious has classified as dangerous, even if we don’t know why.

When pressure finally gets to strong to ignore, there are two common ways of dealing with it.

Some people grit their teeth and get it done. This takes a lot of determination and sometimes, sheer desperation. It’s a difficult path, but there is some hope: Every time you do this, it gets easier. You’re weakening those old pograms.

Others give up on the project and flee it. They leave college, they abandon the book they wanted to write, they find something else to focus on. And that’s a very sad outcome because those people never reach their true potential. And they lose an opportunity to dissolve that old programming of their subconscious.

Here’s where EFT comes in – to make it easier on yourself.

It’s possible to dissolve or transform those old programs and patterns with tapping. With the following tapping phrases I want to encourage you to face the project you’ve been avoiding. I also want to suggest that you get a timer, set it for 30 min (or more, up to 90 min), and work those 30 min on your project, without interruption. And then you’re done for the day. That’s all! Give yourself a pat on the back and feel that accomplishment. And then repeat it the next day.

This is a great way to finish your project, step by little step. And you’re teaching your subconscious that there is very little to fear and much to be proud of since you’re getting something accomplished every day.

Here are the phrases you can tap (every day, if necessary, before setting the timer) to make it easier for you – so you don’t have to numb yourself out anymore.

Even though I can’t even get started on this, I’m okay the way I am and I completely accept myself and all my feelings.

Even though it’s sooooo hard to get started on this task, and I prefer numbing my mind with something else, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that I can actually do this task.

Even though I have this weird inner resistance to this task, and I don’t even know why, I’m okay the way I am, and I now allow myself to try this timer trick.

Did the tapping shift something for you? Which task makes you balk? And did you manage to get started and work with timer? Let me know in a comment.

Image source: F. Moebius

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