EFT for “Rock Bottom”

Down and out

“Rock Bottom” *

We all know those moments when it seems that there is nothing left to give. When energy is at so low an ebb that we’d prefer to just jump out of our lives and start over somewhere else. Or curl up in bed for a week or two. I like to call these times “rock bottom”. The utter limit of how far down we can be. It’s a dark, lonely place.

It may seem like a bad joke when I say that this place is also a place of opportunity. We’re down and out. Nothing left to lose. And so we can gradually sit up again, take stock and decide what we really want to do. We can start over, without losing those parts of our lives that are still good. It takes small steps, but every step can take us into the right direction, onto a journey to a better life.

And because there so little energy left at the rock bottom, because it is such an effort to do anything at all, I would like to encourage you to use EFT. Tap every morning and evening. I’ll provide a tapping round in a moment, but if following that takes too much effort, just tap on the points without saying anything. Simply do three rounds morning and evening. That’s all. And once you feel up for more, start with this round:

KP: Even though I’m down and out, at rock bottom, I’m still somewhat okay and open to the possibility that things can still get better.

Even though I’m down and out, and I have nothing left to lose, and no energy at all, there’s still a part inside me that’s okay and that can believe things will get better again.

Even though I could curl up in bed for two weeks in a row, there is a part inside me that’s still okay and willing to work on making things better. 

IE: I’m down and out.
OE: Nothing left to give.
E: No energy anymore.
UN: I’ve reached rock bottom.
CP: This is it. I can’t go any further.
CB: I’d love to just start over somewhere else.
UA: But I don’t have enough energy to do that.
AW: I’m stuck at rock bottom.
Take a deep breath!

IE: I’m giving up.
OE: Not fighting anymore.
E: I’m down for the count.
UN: But somehow I can’t give up, either.
CP: I just don’t have the energy to fight anymore.
CB: So tired of it all.
UA: At least it can’t get any worse anymore.
AW: And maybe I’ll manage a little tapping …
Take a deep breath!

IE: Tapping doesn’t take much energy.
OE: And it’s something I can do for myself.
E: I can actually do this. And it feels good.
UN: I can do this every day.
CP: Which means I’m at least doing something.
CB: Even if it’s just a little tapping.
UA: I can do this for myself.
AW: And somehow, this calms me down a little.
Take a deep breath!

IE: I’ll tap every day now.
OE: And I allow myself to feel a little better every day.
E: And I allow myself to take this little break from rock bottom every day.
UN: I allow myself to gather more energy every day.
CP: I allow myself to think of something beautiful and enjoy this every day.
CB: I even allow myself to feel a little hope again.
UA: And I allow myself to feel good for at least 10 minutes a day.
AW: I allow myself to have a dream again.
Take a deep breath!

You decide how to move on from here. I just want to ask you to keep tapping. You can tap without words, grab some tapping rounds from this blog or even tap with your own words. You can get a free ebook that’ll teach you how to do that by signing up through the form on the right hand side. Just keep at it. Rock bottom is giving you lots of options.

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