Four Steps to Embrace Change – Welcome!


You are now ready to start changing your life – even if it still feels like a very scary thing to do. So we’ll take a step back and make it all less scary. And then, changing things will become a lot easier.

To get you started, here’s an additional gift to you:

“Your First Tapping Miracle”

In this ebook I explain how to do EFT. We will be using a lot of tapping in this class, and with this ebook, you can study how to do it on your own. Just click on the image to download your very own pdf copy.

Your First Tapping Miracle

Your First Tapping Miracle

We’ll start classes on Monday, February 18th. You’ll receive email in time to help you get started. And to really end the first week with a bang and to eliminate those fears of change, I’m inviting you to the first Q&A call of this seminar on Friday, February 22nd, at 8pm MET and 2pm EST. Set aside that time to do live tapping with me and really drop your stress on change.

I’m so proud of you for taking this first step to changing your life. And because you did this, I know you will be able to change your life in a much more effortless way that you are probably imagining now.

Here’s to gentle, easy and wonderful change!

– Frauke

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