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Last week I talked about how we set ourselves up to fail with the New Year Resolutions. And I told you about taking change in small steps. However, there is still more that can keep us from change. Let’s dig a little deeper today.

Change tends to be scary. After all, we walk into unknown territory, we do things we never did before and we might even get results we never got before. Help! Very often, what makes us uncomfortable is simply not knowing what will happen. We feel that we have less control, or that there might be nasty surprises lurking behind the corner.

This is a natural fear that protects us from being foolhardy and leaving well-proven habits and trodden paths for something new. It’s millenia old – yet humans have reached every corner of this world despite our fear of the unknown. The urge to discover something new is also deep-rooted within is, and counterbalanced with the fear of change. Let’s see how we can tip the scales.

As with most fears, things are usually not as bad as our imagination makes them. However, in order to make change easier for you, we need to address those fears and give them room  – at least long enough for a tapping round or two. Then the fears may dissipate.

KP: Even though I’m scared when I think of doing something different or changing something in my life, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possibility that change may be easier than I believe.

Even though I’m scared of the unknown and of what might happen when I change, I’m still okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that I still control how fast things change and how I react to what happens.

Even though I’m scared when I think about changing things in my life, it feels so huge and uncontrollabe, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that I can determine the steps and the speed of my change.

IE: I’m so scared!
OE: I don’t want to deal with new stuff on top of what I’m already doing.
E: I hate uncertainty!
UN: I want to know exactly what I get when I change something.
CP: And I’m so scared because nobody can guarantee what will happen when I change.
CB: It’s easier to stick with what I have and know.
UA: But what I have and know is driving me mad!
AW: I’m caught between a rock and a hard place! ARGH!
Take a deep breath!

IE: I’m so scared of changing anything in my life.
OE: I don’t know what will happen.
E: And that scares me.
UN: But maybe I can take small steps.
CP: So when something goes wrong, I can still change back.
CB: You mean, I’m allowed to change back?
UA: I never realized that.
AW: But it’s true, if I don’t like the result, I can change back.
Take a deep breath!

IE: Wow. I never thought about that.
OE: I thought I had to stick with a change once I chose it.
E: But that’s not true! I can change back if I don’t like the result.
UN: This is so liberating.
CP: I now allow myself to try out change.
CB: And to go back if I don’t like the results.
UA: And then I can try something new.
AW: And see how that works. Wow. This is true freedom.
Take a deep breath!

IE: I now allow myself to try out little changes.
OE: And I also allow myself to go back if I don’t like the results.
E: I allow myself to experiement with changes.
UN: And if they don’t work, I can toss them out.
CP: And keep only those that work.
CB: Wow, this is so cool.
UA: I get to pick and choose the very best change for me.
AW: I think I’m going to love change now!
Take a deep breath!

Check back. Are you still afraid of change? So what are you going to try out in your life? Tell me about it!

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