Mindset Makeover for Entrepreneurs

Did you know that mindset is often the decisive factor for success or failure? And did you know that rules we learned as children, beliefs we soaked up in our families, and habits that we developed in school might still rule over us as adults? And are still determining our lives? They all show up as self-sabotage in your business and personal life.

The good news is that you can now put an end to all that self-sabotage. That’s what this program is about.

In four weeks of daily email and tapping exercises, we will look at and eliminate the most common blocks from four different areas. This work will remove the invisible chains that are blocking your from your success.

Here’s what we’ll look at:

Week 1: Family Blocks

This is about rules you learned in your family, about loyalty to other family members and about the fear of losing the family support when you do something different than expected.

Week 2: Marketing Blocks

Here we’ll talk about all the negative beliefs about marketing and putting your products out there. The fear of annoying others, of being criticized and judged can really hold you back.

Week 3: Success Blocks

Even success can be scary. And often, when the first signs of success are coming in, self-sabotage hits hard. That’s because every success has a downside. This week we’ll deal with those beliefs.

Week 4: Rich Snob Blocks

There are a lot of negative beliefs about rich people. They are crooks, lazy and greedy, right? Nobody wants to be like that, so often our minds find ways of losing all that nice money we worked so hard to gain. This week will stop that kind of leakage.

What exactly do I get?

Every week, you’ll receive daily emails with some explanations about a certain kind of block, plus EFT tapping rounds to deal with them.

We’ll have two group calls during the program where I’ll answer your personal questions.

There will also be a dedicated forum away from Facebooks prying eyes where every participant can interact with others in this class in privacy. The email text will also be repeated there, so it’s all in one place for you.

Sounds great, you say. And let me tell you, the results will change your life.

What else do I get?

You’ll gain freedom from the chains of emotions tied to old rules. You’ll stop having moodswings and attacks of exhaustion when you work on your business. You’ll be more outspoken in social media and your clarity about your passion will increase. You’ll be happier and more loving. And quite likely, you’ll attract more clients and be more successful.

So how much is it?

Well, ordinarily that kind of program would start at about $490. After all, it’s an intense program that brings a lot of shifts and relief.

But …

… since you’re participants of the Get Clients Fast Summer Summit, and Helen asked me to create a special offer just for you …

I’m giving this to you for just $197.

That’s true. And I won’t teach this program again this year, and never again for this price. Seriously. This is your chance to bust all those blocks, that self-sabotage and those limiting beliefs. Grab it now.

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