Money Mindset – I’ll Lose it Anyway

All Gone

All Gone

This is a belief I have encountered several times. It’s very often held by people who have experienced insecurity. They do not trust in money, or the fact they could hang on to it. So they spend it the moment they have it, on anything.

Alternatively, in order to avoid the pain of losing all that money (possibly again), they avoid even making it. Often, they have barely enough to survive. But that’s still “better” than making money and then losing it.

It is a bit of a twisted logic, obviously, but that’s how many safety programs function.

If it doesn’t feel safe, avoid it!

I know this pain. As a teenager, I had a 100 Deutsche Mark bill, saved up from my allowance. I put it into my jeans pocket one morning, certain that it would be safe there. It felt better than putting it in among my parent’s money in my wallet. I planned to shop for clothes and books after school. I even checked on it a few times during school.

But … after school, the bill was gone. Vanished. I never told anyone. I still remember the shock of that discovery. The pain of that loss. The disappointment and the self-blame.

If you believe that money will hurt you in any way – your subconscious will steer you away from having it.

It’s that simple.

Which means we have to talk our subconscious (or at least the safety program) about this money belief or fear so we can change and shift it. The result should be that having money is no longer associated with the pain of losing it.

EFT to the rescue!

Even though the pain of losing my money was so great I never ever want to experience it again, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I’m open to the possibility that maybe money won’t vanish like that again.

Even though it’s so much safer to have no money to begin with, rather than losing it all and feeling the pain of that, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I  now allow that I don’t really *have* to lose any money that I own.

Even though I learned that it’s not safe to have money, because it’ll bring pain, and that’s why I spend it as soon as I get it, I’m totally okay, and I’m open to the possibility that maybe I can unlearn that kind of safety program.

Your Turn:
Have you lost considerable amounts of money?
How did that make you feel?
What happened while you were tapping?
And finally – what are you writing right now?
Would love to hear from you!

Image Source: F. Moebius

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