Money Mindset – Introduction



After much thought, I’m reviving this blog, somewhat. Once a month, there will be a longish EFT post, among those occasional stream-of-consciousness inspirational thoughts with the pictures I take.

And this year those posts will be about money and all the many blocks around this topic. Because money is pretty much central to our lives, if we’re honest.

Money is behind having a home, having food, and enjoying life. And it is why we leave our homes and families to go to work. Or why we hustle to build our businesses. Or why we do things we don’t enjoy in exchange for money.

Even deeper, our relationship with money and our blocks and limiting beliefs about it determine how hard it is to bring it into our lives.

So once a month, I’m going to take a deep look at money here.

At the blocks we have about it. At the beliefs we carry about it. At the limits we set ourselves about it. At the family system dynamics that influence us. At all those things going on in the dark, deep zone of subconscious beliefs, and hidden no-nos.

Why now?

Well, I’ve been thinking about the direction of this blog and how it can be useful for those of you who still find it and me. And there are more of you than I expected. I was letting you all down. That was a sobering thought.

And the next impulse came from looking at my own income from my job and my businesses. I looked at the money I made from being a therapist and coach. The money I made with my books. You know, those I write under a pen name.

In other words, I finally took a good look at my business, as a coach and as an author.

That was another sobering moment.

And I believe it’s not my writing, or my coaching. My clients are happy. And I believe my books are fun to read.

Yet I also believe that expectations, blocks and inner limits affect results massively. Which means it’s time to start really working on those. And I want to start with the obvious: Money Blocks.

I’m inviting you to come along on this journey into the underbelly of the mind, into the desert of limitations and the maze of rules. There will be surprises, and sometimes, great ahas. And much to let go.

In order to prepare for that work, I’m offering some tapping today. Because there is always resistance to change. Laying the ground work for easing into change is especially important at the beginning.

So here we go:

Even though it makes me sad that I’ve been sabotaging myself in the realm of money, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I’m now allowing myself to change and shift everything I believe and have learned about money.

Even though looking at my numbers makes me want to weep, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I’m now ready to take action on shifting my money mindset.

Even though it feels like hard work to shift beliefs, expectations and rules of a lifetime, I’m really okay the way I am, and I’m now choosing to make it an exciting adventure with amazing shifts in my money mindset.

Your Turn:
Have you discovered any money blocks of your own?
How did that make you feel?
What happened while you were tapping?
Would love to hear from you – please post a comment!

Image Source: F. Moebius

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