So Angry at Myself


Anger *

Have you played around with some teeny, tiny goals? I hope you had some success. And I really hope you experienced that wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Yet I’m also fairly sure there will have been a goal that you missed. And most likely, you’re chewing yourself up because of it. Let me tell you right away that missing a goal is not a biggie. You’re not used to working with goals, and you are used to chewing yourself out. So, you fell right back into a pattern of negative self-talk. That’s normal.

However, it is worth breaking that pattern. Because that self-talk isn’t very nice, if it’s anything like what I used to do to myself. And you may not believe it just yet, but it’s very important how we talk to ourselves.

Back to the goals. Missing goals happens. Things might be more difficult than you thought. The weather might have been miserable. You might have been miserable. And so you didn’t do something you promised yourself to do. Not a big deal. We all fail things again and again. The big thing is to get up, brush off the dust and start walking again.

Here’s a tapping round to make it easier:

KP: Even though I’m so angry at myself for missing those goals, I’m open to the possibility that maybe I’m just not really used to dealing with goals.

Even though I’m really disappointed at my failure, I’m open to the possibility that I can be gentle with myself and still reach goals.

Even though I’m cussing at myself for being such a failure, I’m open to the possibility that I simply need more practice with goals.

IE: Man, I really failed this one.
OE: And I’m so angry at myself because of it.
E:  And I’m so disappointed in myself.
UN: Yep, I’m calling myself names.
CP:  Stupid, spineless failure!
CB: I’m so mad!
UA: For once I wanted to do it right!
AW: And I failed again. *sigh*
Take a deep breath!

IE: And I’m disappointed.
OE: I really wanted to get it right just once.
E: And it was a teeny tiny goal on top!
UN: I can’t even do that. I’m such a failure.
CP: I hate being a failure.
CB: I’ve been a failure all my life.
UA: And just as I thought I could pick myself up again …
AW: I miss even this measely little goal.
Take a deep breath!

IE: But maybe there are old patterns at work.
OE: Old stuff that says don’t get too excited.
E: Old stuff that stops me from reaching even teeny tiny goals.
UN: And there’s only one way to deal with this old stuff:
CP: Kick its sorry ASS!
CB: I choose to do things differently now!
UA: You bet I’m going to fight you, old nasty stuff!
AW: Just watch me reach that goal after all!
Take a deep breath!

IE: Because it doesn’t matter if I’m late.
OE: What matters is that I do it.
E: And I’m doing it right now!
UN: I’m gonna kick your sorry ass, you old nasty stuff.
CP: I’m gonna show you who’s the boss.
CB: I choose to reach that goal after all.
UA: And I finish it today (tomorrow, this week)!
AW: And that feels much better already!
Take a deep breath!

After this, you should feel a burst of energy that come from channeling the energy of your anger at yourself into dealing with the old patterns and determination. Let me know how it goes!

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*Picture source: own work

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