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Now, just to make one thing really clear here: I’m not an MD, and I cannot give medical advice. So if you have a persistent headache, please go and have a doctor look at you.

What I can do is teach you a holistic procedure that has helped me a lot with headaches. And I believe that EFT deals with the emotional side of pain. Migraines are very typical for stress and overwhelm. Tapping on the pain itself will reduce stress – and thus help you let go of the pain. But like I said, it’s not medical.

I have found a special approach for pain that is rather unemotional (funny, isn’t it, when we work on the emotional side of pain), and thus it’s also fairly”painless”.

First, you need to be specific about the location of the pain. And if it keeps shifting, as it often does with a migraine, just shift your sentences with it. That’s fine. For me, it typcially sits behind the right eye, above the right ear, or at the back of the neck. So I just adjust my tapping phrases, and EFT works.

Second, we need to describe the pain itself. Is it sharp or throbbing? Dull or even? Be specific. And rate it on a scale of 0-10, with zero being no pain, and 10 = max pain.

Third, I like to ask to imagine the pain could have a color. What color is it for you? It’s different for everyone, so just go with what pops into your mind. It’s fine – and perfectly okay. Be prepared to check in after a round and see if the color has changed.

Forth, we need the shape of the pain. Again, that’s different for everyone. Whichever shape seems right for you is great. It’s your migraine or headache, after all. Again, this shape may change with tapping, so check back regularly.

And that’s all. Now we can tap. I’ll use my own symptoms and answers in this tapping round, so definitely replace those with your own words.

KP: Even though I have this horrible headache just behind my right eye, a throbbing, ugly sick yellow square, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that I can release this pain and all that it represents.

Even though I really hate that throbbing, ugly sick yellow square of pain behind my right eye, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that I can let go of this pain and be okay again.

Even though I feel really, really annoyed by this horrible headache, this throbbing ugly sick yellow square behind my right eye, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that this tapping stuff might actually help.

IE: This horrible pain right behind my left eye.
OE: This throbbing, ugly sick yellow square of pain.
E: I hate it!
UN: This awful pain, ugly sick yellow and throbbing
CP: right behind my right eye.
CB: ARGH! This is a horrible pain, an ugly sick yellow square
UA: right behind my right eye.
AW: And I’m really, really tired of this pain now.
Take a deep breath!

Now, check back. Has the pain shifted location? And how strong is that pain now? Rate it again. Check the color. And check the shape. Use the new results in the next round.

IE: I still have some pain, and it sits above my right ear now.
OE: This stupid pain, pale yellow and dull …
E: I still hate it!
UN: This remaining dull pain, right above my right ear.
CP: It’s still annoying and I’d love to get rid of it.
CB: This ugly pale yellow pain, just a small square that now sits above the right ear.
UA: I’m so tired of it.
AW: And I now choose to let it go.
Take a deep breath!

Check back again. Rate the pain. Check the kind of pain, the color and the shape. Then continue tapping.

IE: I still have a little pain left, a tiny transparent circle at the back of my head.
OE: This tiny, remaining bit of pain is still somewhat annoying.
E: This transparent circle of slight pain at the back of the head.
UN: That’s all that’s left …
CP: But I choose to let it go now.
CB: I choose to let go of the pain and all that it represents.
UA: This little bit of remaining pain, that transparent circle.
AW: I choose to let it go now.
Take a deep breath!

Is it all gone? No? Keep tapping and keep tracking the changes in intensity, kind, color and shape of the pain. And when it’s gone or down to a 1, continue with this final round.

IE: I can’t quite believe it’s gone.
OE: This silly tapping, does it really work?
E: Naaaaah, this is just coincidence.
UN: And my pain can’t be gone this fast. This is stupid!
CP: But I choose to love being painfree.
CB: I allow myself to let go of the pain.
UA: And I choose to be happy!
AW: I allow myself to let go of that pain, and I choose to love being painfree.
Take a deep breath!

This is a bit more complicated than most tapping rounds I share here. However, it’s also a much more straightforward process than most tapping issues. After all, you can measure your progress, which is rather nice.

Let me know how it went for you! Just post in the comment section below this post.

Image credit: Frauke Möbius



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