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Money Worries

Money Worries *

This is an important process when money is scarce or you want to have more in your life. The trick is to align your mindset to where you want to be. In this case, that could mean being a person who feels safe with money, who feels there is enough to go around and some to spare. You have to align your mind with who you want to be.

Not easy when you’re struggling to pay the bills. Not easy when you keep having to deny yourself things, pleasure and gifts. I’ve been there. That is a mindset of scarcety. Being in that state doesn’t help you to change it. Being in that state only creates stress, and you can’t make good decisions while you are stressed. And I’ve seen it time and again that people with this mindset break under the pressure and buy things they cannot afford, simply because they cannot bear the constant self-restraint anymore.

So, getting into an easier mindset that lets you relax and deal with money problems in a logical, practical and solution-oriented way would be very helpful, right?

“But how can I do that when I’m in debt and don’t know how to pay the next electricity bill?” I hear you.

You still can. It’s all about alignment of your thoughts and emotions with what you want. If you can “be” – just for a few moments at first – a person who has enough money, this can calm you down. You can pretend for a while what it feels like to be at ease about money. You can feel that calm trickle into your mind.

This doesn’t mean you should go out and spend a lot of money. It does mean that you can calm down and then think about solutions, rather than problems.

Let’s tap.

KP: Even though I’m so stressed because of money, I can’t think of anything else and I worry all the time, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possiblity that I can feel different about money eventually.

Even though I’m completely stressed out about money and can’t even imagine that this will ever stop, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possiblity that I can stop worrying for half a day as an experiment.

Even though I can’t imagine ever feeling easy about money, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possiblity that some people actually do feel easy about money, and I might be one of them.

IE: I can’t stop worrying about money.
OE: That’s my life!
E: It’s always been that way, and it will aways be that way.
UN: And that’s no fun.
CP: It would be nice if I could stop worrying about money.
CB: But then I would feel like I’m letting someone down.
UA: The least I can do about my lack of money is to worry about it!
AW: Yep, I worry all the time, about finding more money.
Take a deep breath!

IE: This worrying feels horrible.
OE: I can hardly think clearly, because there is alway this fear.
E: Not enough money. Never enough money.
UN: But what if I could stop worrying for a little bit.
CP: What if I could just take a time-out from worrying?
CB: That would be a relief.
UA: Won’t change anything, of course.
AW: But then, my worrying doesn’t change anything, either.
Take a deep breath!

IE: I’d love to stop worrying about money for some time.
OE: But then I feel as if I’m letting my family down.
E: Of course, I could enjoy the simple things more if I could stop worrying.
UN: I could stop worrying for a couple of hours every day.
CP: Or maybe just on Sundays.
CB: Wouldn’t change a thing.
UA: But I would feel a little better during those breaks.
AW: I’m allowed a break from worrying about money.
Take a deep breath!

IE: I allow myself a break from worrying.
OE: And instead, I’m choosing to think about solutions.
E: I’m allowing myself to come up with creative solutions.
UN: And I choose to stop worrying all the time.
CP: After all, I can go back to worrying whenever I want to.
CB: But for now, I choose to stop worrying.
UA: And I’ll allow my mind to easily come up with creative ideas.
AW: Maybe this could actually help. It definitely feels better.
Take a deep breath!

Now, this is just a tiny start, but it’s the beginning of aligning yourself with a different mindset about money. And you can always go back to worrying – but that mindset won’t particularly help you. So I hope you’ll choose creative ideas over feeling bad. Let me know about them in the comments!

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