Tapping for Someone Else


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It is possible to do EFT for someone else. This is called “proxy tapping”, because you are tapping on yourself for this other person, animal or even plant. It works because we are all connected on an energetic level.

There are a few imporant things to know about proxy tapping:

1) Before you even start tapping for someone else, you need to be clear. That’s why it is important to tap for yourself on all the emotions you might have about the person you want to tap for. For example: If you want to tap for your child that’s been pestering you all day and getting on your nerves, you need to tap away your irritation first. You will not be able to sense your kid’s emotions while still irritated and angry yourself.

2) Proxy tapping works just like normal EFT does. You mentally connect with that other person and then tap on all the emotions that are coming up – just as if you were tapping for yourself. However, you do have to change the setup statement a little:

Even though I, [insert the name of the person you want to tap for], am so grumpy today, I’m still a great person.

3) Once you sense that you’re done tapping and want to stop proxy tapping, tap the Karate Chop point and say three times: “I’m [insert your own name] .” This helps you to disconnect from the energetic field of the person you were tapping for, and brings you back into your own space.

There have been many discussions about whether it is proper to tap for someone else and whether one needs permission of that someone in order to do so. Disregarding emergency situations, the main positions are these:

a) I need permission to tap for someone, since I may be changing his or her fate. Thus I would be playing god and that is not acceptable.

b) I can tap for anyone and everyone, since they choose whether to accept the tapping or not.

Personally, I lean towards the second position. That’s because I once tapped for a person dear to me, who does not let me tap with him. In that case, I couldn’t get a clear connection with that person and my tapping simply went nowhere. It was a very obvious energetic wall I ran into that translated into a firm “no”. Of course, I stopped proxy tapping very quickly.

Nowadays, I rarely tap for others. I used to ask for permission from friends, just to be on the safe side. And I often got a careless “sure, go ahead” from them. It felt as if they were passing responsibility for their issues to me, rather than choosing change themselves. I no longer accept that kind of responsibility.

Even so, tapping for others can be very rewarding. I’ve been tapping for horses, and once, I tapped for my old washing machine. I might tell that tale eventually. As Gary says: “Try it on everything.”

*picture by Catherine Singleton, orginally posted on Flickr

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