That Old Doubt



Let’s say you started something new. It feels good to get out of the old routine. It might even help you change your life, make you rich or get you to that place where you always wanted to be. You even got your first small successes.

And then … BAMM!

You suddenly start doubting yourself. Maybe your blog views are down. Maybe nobody looks at your Facebook posts. Maybe nobody answered to your offers.

And then that sneaky little voice inside you starts up.

Maybe I’m just not good enough after all. Maybe I’m not cut out for marketing. Maybe I can’t do this. Maybe my dreams were just pipe dreams. Maybe this is too big for me. Maybe I’ll never be successful. Maybe I’ll never be rich. And so on and so forth.

You know that voice very well. And it’s time to acknowledge it, and then to let it go.

Success comes in waves. There will be ups and downs and ups again. I do know from personal experience. That’s life. It doesn’t say anything about your abilities. It possibly says something about your determination and perseverance – but nothing else.

When that old doubt raises its ugly head, you will need EFT more than ever. And that’s why I’m giving you a tapping round for that very situation.

KP: Even though I‘m full of doubt, and think that I may not be good enough after all, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that this is a phase everyone goes through.

Even though I feel so down and useless, full of doubt and self-loathing, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that this is just an old pattern of self-sabotage that I can let go now.

Even though I‘m doubting myself and my abilities, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that this is simply part of being outside of my comfort zone.

IE: I’m so scared!
OE: I’m so afraid I’m not good enough.
E: I’m full of doubt.
Can I really do this?
CP: Or is this too big for me?
CB: Aaaaaargh!
I’m so afraid of not being good enough.
AW: I’m so afraid of being a failure.
Take a deep breath!

IE: This is so darn familiar.
OE: I’ve been down this old road of doubt so many times.
E: And so often, what I feared never happened.
It’s just a little voice … I wonder whose voice it is.
CP: Because that doubt isn’t helpful at all.
CB: I hate it when that voice whispers nasty things in my mind.
I hate doubting myself so much.
AW: I HATE it!
Take a deep breath!

IE: This doubt is just old insecurity.
OE: It’s just trying to protect me.
E: It’s trying to get me back into my comfort zone.
It’s trying to make me stay in my old familiar way.
CP: And yes, it’s also fear of change speaking here.
CB: But I can choose to look at what I accomplished already.
I can choose to look at my abilities instead of at what I may be lacking.
AW: I can choose to be proud of what I CAN do.
Take a deep breath!

IE: I allow myself to see what I have already accomplished.
OE: I choose to see that and honor myself.
E: I choose to see my wonderful goals and not the lack my doubt is imagining.
I choose to see how much I already learned and created.
CP: I choose to know that I can create much more than that.
CB: I choose to accept that doubt is a part of this journey.
And I now choose to let go of doubt and do something positive right NOW.
AW: And that feels much better already.
Take a deep breath!

Are you feeling better? I hope so. Keep tapping whenever doubt surfaces. This often takes a bit of determination. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

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Image source: F. Moebius

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