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Meet Macy, Sabine and Felicity – their tales will illustrate three very common blocks to running a successful, thriving business while also having a happy life: a limiting money set point, sabotaging your own success, and breaking family formulas. It will also show you how they could overcome their blocks with EFT and my heartfelt, intuitive coaching. (These accounts are based on real clients, but some details have been removed and names have been changed in the interest of privacy.)

Macy’s Story –
The Money Set Point Moderator

 Macy has a well-organized business, and she’s happy it makes her enough to support her little family that consists of herself and her two children who are going to high school. Yet every time she believes she has finally cracked an invisible ceiling, making more than 4,000 US$ a month, something happens to set her back. The car breaks down. The roof develops a leak, or one of the children needs dental work. The extra money she made disappears, and the next month she’s back at 3,755 US$. She is frustrated about it, and almost feels cursed.

 I explain to her that every person on this world has something like a „money set point“. It has been defined during childhood, and it marks the maximum and the minimum amounts of money we are „supposed“ to have in our lives. It also seems very clear that her money earning maximum is at about 4,000 $ a month. We talk more about money in a savings account and other places, and we discover more money set points.

Then we go to work. Within a few EFT sessions, we successfully raise Macy’s money set point. One month later she sends me an excited email, telling me she made 5,800 $ with no catastrophe setting her back. She keeps contacting me every few months, delighted with her new income and easy earnings. She keeps tapping to raise her money set point even higher.

Do you want to enjoy more income? The Money Set Point Moderator is the course for you.

The Money Set Point Moderator

This individual program is designed to raise your money set point easily, so you can watch your income soar. You’ll also receive the tools to repeat this work on your own, so you can always revisit it to raise your money set point higher and higher, whenever you want to. You’ll never run into a money ceiling again in your whole life. Plus you’ll feel good about earning more and more money – you’ll be happily surprised by the effect this has on your bank account.

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Sabine’s Story –
Eliminating Success Sabotage

Sabine dreams of being a successful author. She sees herself at readings and signing books – but it isn’t happening. She has started many stories and struggles to find the motivation to finish each one of them. She also had a few short stories published, but yearns to see her first novel on sale. But every time she is just one or two steps away from success, something inexplicable happens: She misses an online appointment. She forgets to answer email. She blows a deadline. Or she even has a small success – like getting a story published – and then she doesn’t market it and doesn’t make money from it.

Something in her subconscious prevents her from being successful. It’s hard to pin down because every time something different happens. And Sabine works hard to prevent the same mistakes from happening twice. What is really going on here?

Success usually has a dark side. My favorite question to bring this out is: “What’s the downside of being really successful?”

Sabine didn’t have to think hard. Her downside was the additional responsibility she didn’t want to shoulder, like marketing or organizing readings. So we took a closer look at everything she was juggling already. She realized that she was already handling too much trying to write and stay inspired with several stories and novels at the same time. We worked out a schedule for her, and tapped on the fears around responsibility and loss of inspiration. Then we streamlined some of her procedures with neat systems, so she knew exactly what to do when her next short story got published.

Almost immediately, Sabine felt much better about her daily life. And when her next story sold, she actually organized a few public readings and was amazed at the number of people who wanted to buy a signed copy of the anthology. And now she’s working on her first novel!

Do you want to make your success easy by discovering and eliminating your hidden downside? Then the Eliminating Success Sabotage is the course for you.

Eliminating Success Sabotage

Working with this program, you will discover your personal success downsides. Together, we’ll take away their power to stop your success. In addition, we’ll transform any limiting beliefs about success, as well as create new patterns that will support you instead. With the help of this individual course, success will no longer scare you – and you’ll become unstoppable in anything you’re putting your mind to.

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Felicity’s Story – Fix Family Formulas

When Felicity came to me, she was very worried. She’d lost two businesses already and was seeing signs that her current one might also fail. The pattern looked disturbingly familiar: She had managed to grow each of her previous businesses rapidly and successfully for two to three years, only to make catastrophic decisions at that point which resulted in an even more rapid downfall and collapse. And right now, she had to make more important decisions in her third business. She had drawn them out as long as she could, but things were getting urgent. Yet she was afraid she’d ruin her third business, as well.

This clearly was not a money set point problem. Felicity was earning money happily. At the moment, she was even setting up savings, to protect her from another potential business failure.

She also had no qualms about success. She loved being responsible and leading a small team. So we dug deeper. In fact, I asked her to use a bunch of mugs turned upside down and marked with post-its to set up a representation of her family. She showed me the result on her cam:

Her mother and her siblings formed one huddle with her stepfather. Her own father was far out, and she herself stood in the middle between him and the big huddle. It turned out that her parents divorced when she was still small. Then her mother remarried and had more kids with her new husband. Whenever she spoke of her first husband – Felicity’s father – it was in a scathing voice, naming him “the loser”.

Felicity felt torn between her family and her father.

This is a classic family bind or formula. Felicity tried to be loyal to both her parents, as any child at any age will do. And creating a successful business was loyal to her mother. But then her loyalty was lopsided and it was time to be more loyal to her father – and “lose” everything.

The moment I explained that pattern to her, she jumped up in excitement. She immediately recognized her bad decisions as exactly those decisions she imagined her father would make.

It took some tapping, however, for her to feel deep down in her heart that she could express her loyalty to her father in different ways that wouldn’t cause her to lose her business. Finally she decided to find out where her father was and meet him, to heal that wound in her life.

Felicity is still running her business, with more happiness and success than she thought possible. And she has started to build a relationship with her father who isn’t a loser at all.

These family patterns are something I specialize in, in addition to EFT. I see families as systems that are inherently optimized to keep a family together. However, that system sometimes works against the interests of individual family members – basically, the perceived greater good of the family trumps the lesser good of individual happiness. The good news is that those systems can be tweaked with insight and the use of EFT.

Do you want to let go of any bindings and chains and soar in your business? The Fix Family Formulas way is the course for you.

Fix Family Formulas

In this program you will discover your personal family formula and gain intense insight into your family system. Together, we’ll heal family patterns and transform them into firm support systems. This will bring peace and calm to your family and your heart, and your business with thrive when you infuse it with the peace and support you gained from transforming those formulas.

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