The Entrepreneur’s Fear Buster Program Homepage

Welcome to the Entrepreneur’s Fear Buster Program!

Also, congratulations for enrolling in this program. It will make your life a lot easier, I promise.

We’ll start on June 10th!

This is the homepage and link central for this program. You’ll find the links to the modules here, so please bookmark it. The list of links may not be complete just yet (I’m working on them as I write this!), but they will be.

To get you started, here is the link to the EFT introduction ebook, even though you might already have it. Please study the ebook, since EFT will be the basis of this program, and you should be doing plenty of tapping on your own in addition to the guided tapping rounds.

“Your First Tapping Miracle” – Download

Plus you’re getting the “Tapping Round Generator” which is a special tool you can use to create laser focus tapping rounds for yourself. Use it repeatedly for problems you want to zap.

“The Tapping Phrase Generator”- Download

You can also sign up for that secret, safe forum already. Click on the link below, and get your Runboard account right now. Say hi to me on the forum and gain entry to the protected (and secret! and invisible!) subforum.

Moebius-Coaching on Runboard

The Modules for the Program:

Week 1 – The Stress Buster Week – Module 1 (find the password in your email)

Week 2 – The Inner Strength Week – Module 2 (find the password in your email)

Week 3 – The Hold your Head High Week – Module 3 (find the password in your email)

Week 4 – The Let Success be Easy Week – Module 4 (find the password in your email)

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