The Entrepreneur’s Fear Buster Program

Hi there!

Are you an entrepreneur?

Then you know that it’s normal to work outside the comfort zone when you run a business. That takes energy and determination. And that’s what you have as an entrepreneur, or you wouldn’t be one.

And then there’s the fear. And more fears.

Holding those fears at bay, doing your work scared, doing things that have to be done while gritting your teeth – does this sound familiar? I bet it does. But you know, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me show you how your business life can be happy, satisfying, joyful and successful all at once. Let me help you find clarity and high self-esteem.

As a therapist, coach, and business owner, I am familiar with all those challenges that running a business brings. I had to to deal with them myself, after all. I know exactly where you are and how you feel.

In this program, I will teach you EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a simple tapping process. Doing EFT will help you to dissolve your fears and doubts. All that energy you use to hold them back will become available to you through this class, so you can be creative and successful in growing your business.

Here’s what you will discover and learn at your own speed and in the comfort of your own home. I’ll guide you through all those lessons and help you find your emotional freedom as a businesswoman.

We’ll start on June 10th.

~~ Week 1 ~~
The Stress Buster Week

In this week, you will learn how to release stress from your body in an easy and natural way, by using EFT. I will teach you exactly how to tap, so you can relax your body and muscles with this easy tapping technique.

– EFT Guidebook “Your First Tapping Miracle”
– EFT introduction video
– stress release worksheet
– three tapping templates support emails
– one group Q&A call
(Value 147 USD)

~~ Week 2 ~~
The Inner Strength Week

In week 2, we will take a close look at the fear of not being good enough. You will learn how this originated in old programming you learned as a child. I’ll take you through tapping rounds to transform those old beliefs and rules into new, supportive beliefs about yourself, so you can run your business with confidence and clarity.

– family expectation worksheet
– limiting belief worksheet
– three tapping templates support emails
(Value 97 USD)

~~ Week 3 ~~
The Hold Your Head High Week

Are you afraid of being judged? This is a common fear of people who rise to leadership. EFT will help you release that fear and step into the light confidently. You will become a leader who is comfortable within her power and decisions.

– step into your power worksheet
– secret finger tapping technique
– three tapping templates support emails
(Value 97 USD)

~~ Week 4 ~~
The Let Success be Easy Week

In the final week of the course, you will discover that there even is a fear of success and learn how to deal with that through tapping. Success will come naturally and easily to you after this work, because you will be ready to soar ahead in your business full of excitement and delight.

– success choices worksheet
– roadmap creation worksheet
– three tapping template support emails
– group Q&A call
(Value 147 USD)

And finally, you’ll get these big, additional bonuses reserved for participants in my programs:

The Tapping Phrase Generator
This will allow you to always find the best working phrase for your EFT work – so that you can be the best businesswoman you can be. (Value: 67 USD)

– Access to your very own, totally secure forum  where you will meet other class participants and grow together through mutual support (Value: priceless)

What clients say:
– “Your tapping phrases are always spot on!”
– “How do you know me so well?”
– (Rolling her shoulders, trying to find muscle tension) “Wow. It’s all gone. Can’t believe it’s gone.”

You deserve to let go of all those fears which are rooted in belief systems and family expectations. You deserve to use all your energy to grow your business and be successful.

My mission is to give you the tools that will help you deal with any fears now, as well as those that might come up later, when you run into challenges with your business.

Buy and Sign up here for the Entrepreneur’s Fear Buster Program
(Full Value 555 USD).

The Entrepreneur’s Fear Buster Program – Choose your currency

Hang on, there’s more!

This is the juiciest, best, most personal plus-sized package that I can offer to you:
All of the above plus three 30-minute action-packed one-on-one EFT sessions with me.

See what a quick 20 min tapping session did for Charlotte Duzong:

Charlotte Duzong

Charlotte Duzong
Mompreneur Coach

Before I started working with Frauke I was doing good, taking courageous steps in my business. I was doing things I had never done before. As I was taking my business to the next level and taking big actions steps I also was confronted with my own stuff which not only made me feel overwhelmed but most of all I got an anxious feeling just days before my new online program started. I was paralyzed. I knew I needed to take action but I could not do anything.

This was identified by Frauke as my big fears and doubts. During one of Frauke’s webinars I tapped on my fears and my overwhelm with her. Going from a 9 (on a stress scale of 0 to 10) to a 0 within only 20 min!

It was an amazing shift I noticed immediately. I felt calm and could conduct the program with ease. One week later I was facing another deadline. To my surprise I had no fears coming up. Frauke said about this: This is how it is. Once gone, always gone!

I am grateful for knowing how to use EFT to get rid of the fears I face when I make conscious decisions in my business. It helps me move faster than I ever did.

Charlotte Duzong
Mompreneur Coach

Grab this chance, because I can help you eliminate blocks that may seem insurmountable for you. In those focused sessions, additional great shifts can happen. I have ten slots open for those of you who want additional, effective, fear-busting one-on-one calls with me, three sessions of 30 minutes each, available in June and July of 2013.
(Value: 180 USD)

Buy and Sign up here for the great, juicy Entrepreneur’s Fear Buster Program Plus that will give you all of the above plus three 30-minute one-on-one sessions with me (Value 735 USD, only ten slots available).

The Entrepreneur’s Fear Buster Program Plus – Choose your currency

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to drop me an email at fm AT, and we’ll work it out.

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