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Webinar “Tap Away Overwhelm”

Time and again I’ve seen people talk about how things are too much, how they are so rushed they can hardly think anymore. And that’s a bad thing because rushing through assignments, chores, projects and relationships is a way of wasting your life – and bound to create mistakes that add to overwhelm.

Also, overwhelm is panic’s little cousin, and just like panic, it stops our brain from functioning very well. In this free webinar, I’ll teach you what exactly overwhelm does with our brains. In the second part, I’ll introduce EFT and lead you all through a tapping round to reduce overwhelm and get your brains back online.

Tap Away Overwhelm: Friday, May 17th, 8pm MEST, 2pm EDT

There will be a recording, available to everyone who registered, so you can listen and tap along repeatedly.

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