Money is not Spiritual, right?


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Didn’t we talk about that already?

Money is a very tricky topic. And there is an insidious feeling and belief especially among people who work with people that I want to address today. Healers, coaches and artists are very succeptible to this. How dare we take money for something that is fun? Or for helping people – that’s so often taken for granted. Why, friends also give good advice, and for free, at that.

So we only take enough money to scrape out a living. Aren’t artists supposed to be poor, anyway? Doesn’t that improve their art? And healers are spiritual people, why would they need to take money? Shouldn’t the universe or their god provide for them? (Quite cynical, isn’t it?)

Then there is guilt. Guilt for taking money from people, for “just” a picture, a song or an hour of healing. Guilt for demanding payment for something that is often seen as labor of love rather than hard work. And didn’t the good Samaritian give his cloak away for free?

It is very hard for those of us who work in these fields to actually see the value of what we do. However, we need to take money for our efforts if we want to make a living that way. And we are allowed to take good care of ourselves in order to be creative and provide that value for others. That’s why I would like to share an experience with you:

A while ago, a lady came to my practice. She had narrowly survived some serious health problems. Then she had worked hard to overcome the effects and get back to where she was before it all happened. But now, as she had reached her goals, panic attacks and dizziness struck. Her experiences exacted a price. It took us five sessions to work through most of it. Panic attack and dizziness went away, and my client learned to deal with the occasional mild recurrances by tapping. She was happy.

Now, those five sessions cost her less than a week of an all inclusive vacation in Turkey, which are popular here. Which has more value? A week on the beach or an amazing, lasting improvement in life quality and happiness?

That’s why I want to ask everyone here to think about the value you are providing to your customers or clients. What is the real and lasting value of your services or products? What exactly do you provide? I believe that health, joy, satisfaction or happiness are highly valuable. And is it really un-spiritual if you put a price on that value? Or is it okay as a means to keep yourself well-maintained and able to provide these services and products?

If you still believe money should not figure in spiritual work, well, let’s tap!

KP: Even though I find it very difficult to take money for what I do, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possibility that what I do has value.

Even though I learned that wanting money is not spiritual and I’m definitely not a greedy person, I am okay the way I am and open to the possiblity that I’m allowed to have a good life.

Even though I learned that money is evil and could corrupt me, I’m okay the way I am and allow myself to enjoy my life and take good care of myself.

IE: Money is bad for the soul.
OE: You can see it all the time.
E: Just look at all those celebrities.
UN: They get rich and they go mad.
CP: Just look at all those scandals.
CB: Money is bad for the soul.
UA: I learnd that as a kid.
AW: I’d rather take only a little money, so I can just pay my bills.
Take a deep breath!

IE: And it’s soooo hard to take money from my clients!
OE: I’m so ashamed of having to take money.
E: But I have to make a living.
UN: And because I’m so ashamed of taking money, I prefer to live small.
CP: No need to get rich and show off.
CB: That would be presumtuous.
UA: It would not be fitting.
AW: It’s enough that I’m just able to pay my bills.
Take a deep breath!

IE: On the other hand, I can only take good care of people if I take good care of myself.
OE: And that means avoiding money worries.
E: It means living in a nice home.
UN: It means eating well.
CP: I’m allowed to take good care of myself so I can take good care of others.
CB: That’s not presumtuous at all.
UA: I’m allowed to be happy and well cared for, even if I haven’t healed the whole world yet, or made it happy.
AW: I allow myself to take good care of myself first!
Take a deep breath!

IE: I now allow myself to take enough money for my work so I can take good care of myself.
OE: Because I deserve that.
E: I am allowed to have good food, a nice home, and all the things I desire to have.
UN: I’m allowed to be happy.
CP: Because I help so many people feel happy with what I do.
CB: So I’m allowed as well.
UA: And I allow myself to surround myself with things that are good for me.
AW: I allow myself to earn enough money to be happy. And that feels really good!
Take a deep breath!

I hope that helps, because we ARE allowed to be happy, just as everyone else. And we should value what we do.

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