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Now, you may ask, what is a money set point, and why would I want to change it? Let me explain what a money set point is:

Each of us is comfortable having a certain sum in the bank account, or earning a certain amount as wages. That’s what we know, that’s what we’re expected to have, and it feels nice and familiar. This money set point is different for everyone, obviously. However, much of it comes from how our parents lived and how our friends are living. (Of course, we usually surround us with people who fit our style of thinking.)

Having such a set point is entirely normal. And usually, it’s not a cause for much concern  – unless you want to change your life. If you plan to earn more money, or save up money for something, this money set point could sabotage your efforts very easily and quickly.

And in fact, I know at least one person who has a negative money set point – that is, she is constantly in debt. Even windfalls disappear immediately, through reckless spending or sudden emergencies. This is an extreme example of a money set point sabotaging someone, but it shows clearly how massive the influence of these patterns are.

I know I’m repeating myself, but EFT is still the best method I know of changing that kind of pattern. Before we go into the tapping round, it would be helpful if you could take a quick guess at your own money set point, and choose another point you would like to shift it to. Write those down, to help you stay focused.

And off we go! (Use your own numbers during the tapping round.)

KP: Even though I only feel comfortable when I have about 2,000 bucks in my savings account and I have money burning holes in my wallet once it’s more, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possiblity that I may have more without being punished for it.

Even though I learned that having 2,000 bucks in my savings account is okay and having more is not, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possiblity that times have changed and I can have a much as I want!

Even though I’m afraid that people will come and ask me for money if they find out I have more than those 2,000 bucks, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possibility that I decide what to do with my money.

IE: Having 2k bucks in the savings account is safe.
OE: That’s what I learned. That’s where I feel comfortable.
E: That’s how my parents did it.
UN: And my parents knew all about money.
CP: Nobody else taught me anything about money.
CB: So I keep to what I know.
UA: And those 2,000 feel good. And having more makes me uncomfortable.
AW: So far, that’s been fine.
Take a deep breath!

IE: But what if I want a bit more?
OE: More than those 2,000?
E: Times are changing.
UN: And having some more money would be nice.
CP: But it keeps slipping through my fingers.
CB: Whenever I go over that set point.
UA: As if that’s a limit.
AW: Maybe it really is an internal limit?
Take a deep breath!

IE: Maybe that has been keeping me back?
OE: It could be a limit, set in my mind when I was a child.
E: But now I’m grown up, and I can do things differently.
UN: I now allow myself to keep more money in my savings account.
CP: I now allow myself to feel safe having that much money.
CB: And I can even choose an entirely new money set point!
UA: I can choose a new one whenever I want to!
AW: Wow. I’ve never looked at money this way.
Take a deep breath!

IE: I now allow myself to choose a new money set point.
OE: I now choose to be totally comfortable having 10,000 dollars in my savings  account.
E: I now choose to know that having that much money is entirely possible and completely safe.
UN: I choose to be pleasantly surprised by how much I love having that much money in my savings account.
CP: I choose my new money set point now, and it is 10,000 dollars.
CB: I allow myself to feel really good about this additional safety that much money provides.
UA: And every time my life changes, I can choose a higher set point!
AW: I choose a set point of 10,000 dollars now, and I choose to feel great about it!
Take a deep breath!

Of course, you should always use the numbers that apply to your life. And you can repeat this exercise whenever you run into that invisible barrier again, and change your money set point about your savings account, your income and maybe even your own business.

Have fun with it!

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I’d love to hear what your money set points are and what you are changing them to, if you’re willing to share that in a comment.

* Image courtesy of Kili, Wikimedia Commons

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