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Hi all! Today, I got the strongest feeling to continue with the money topic. And I listen to my feelings.

So, here goes: Not only do you have a money set point, most people also have lots of beliefs about rich people and owning a lot money. Beliefs that are bascially familiy rules. They are often especially strong if money was tight in your family at some time in the past. And they often involve something about rich people being bad.

Why is that? Because if a family has little money and has to struggle to get by, it is a very human thing to try to find some good in this. And one way to do it is to paint rich people as bad, greedy, corrupt, uncaring, selfish and what not. That allows a family with little money to feel better about themselves and less like a failure.

Of course, that means you’ve painted yourself into a corner when you want to start earning more money and possibly become rich yourself. Become one of those bad, greedy, corrupt, uncaring and selfish people? No way! And thus you sabotage yourself in creative ways so you can remain a good person – and remain poor. Except it’s all subconsciuos and based on old family rules.

You probably read about all this before. And maybe you have tried to change your mindset already. Here I want to give you a little EFT routine that’ll do it faster for you.

KP: Even though I learned that rich people are bad people, nasty, selfish and corrupt, I’m still okay the way I am and open to the possiblity that maybe I haven’t learned the whole truth.

Even though I learned that being rich means I will be a bad person, so I never, ever want to be stinking rich, I’m still okay the way I am and open to the possibility that maybe I can get rich and remain a good and likable person

Even though I grew up learning that people can only be filthy, stinking rich, and I never wanted to be THAT, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possibility that even rich people can be all kinds of humans.

IE: Being rich means you’re a filthy, stinking person.
OE: Being rich means you got your wealth by stealing and swindling.
E: Being rich means you’re a bad person.
UN: That’s what I learned when I was a kid.
CP: And of course, I believed it. I was just a kid, and didn’t know better.
CB: And so I made an oath to myself that I’ll never be rich.
UA: Because I didn’t want to be a filthy, nasty, stinking person.
AW: And so far, I’ve held to that vow!
Take a deep breath!

IE: Yep, rich people are stinking, filthy, cunning, nasty people.
OE: I’ve never said it quite like this, but that’s what I learned.
E: And a part of me still believes that.
UN: Which is why I never got rich.
CP: Hey, who wants to be stinking, filthy rich?
CB: So I have chosen to be clean and poor, and just barely making it.
UA: But what if all that was just a lie?
AW: What if all that was just an expression of envy and hate?
Take a deep breath!

IE: What if rich people are just like poor people?
OE: They can be good or bad. They can be mean or nice.
E: They can be filthy or clean.
UN: And maybe rich people are just people with a bit more money?
CP: Even though I learned something else as a kid.
CB: But now I’m grown up.
UA: I can make my own decisions now.
AW: And I can check facts. And facts say, people are people.
Take a deep breath!

IE: I now choose to open my eyes.
OE: I now choose to see rich people as just people with more money than I have.
E: I’m open to the possibility that rich people may even be okay.
UN: And because of that, I now allow myself to make and have more money than I do now.
CP: Because even if I have more money, I still get to choose the kind of person I want to be.
CB: I choose to be rich and a great person.
UA: Because that’s entirely possible.
AW: I now choose to be a great, rich person. And that feels wonderful!
Take a deep breath!

Keep playing with this, and put your own words into the phrases if you learned something different. I often exaggerate a little to bring the message home.

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Got any thoughts on the topic? Or did something shift for you while you ran through the tapping round? Let me know in a comment!

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