Dealing with Frustration



As you probably noticed, my website was offline for a couple of days. And yes, that was cause for quite some frustration! How did I deal with it? With lots of different strategies:

– Tapping
– Reading some favorite novels
– Eating icecream
– Enjoying a walk
– Talking to friends
– Taking naps

Of course, some of those strategies were more useful than others. Tapping helped me to distance myself from stress. Taking naps helped me to make up for lost sleep at night. And talking to friends was a boost for self-esteem and patience. Eating icecream wasn’t that wildly successful.

I bet you have some patterns as well that surface when frustration set in. Now, if you want to arm yourself against frustration better than now, it helps to ask these questions of yourself:

– What helps me to calm down?
– What helps me to feel relaxed?
– Who can I talk to who knows me well enough to bear my frustration?
– Does it help to write it all down?
– What activity always makes me feel better?

The answers will be very individual (but I’d love it if you would share some in your comments – someone else might get the perfect idea from them). But the next time you feel down and out for the count, you’ll have some instruments to pull yourself out of the doldrums.

And here are some set-up phrases to help you along, as well.

Even though I’m so frustrated right now, I’m okay the way I am and I now choose to [enter your activity] so I can feel better.

Even though I’m so fed up with where I am right now, it’s so incredibly frustrating, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that I can move through this and make things better.

Even though I’m feeling so down and low, it’s frustrating(!), I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that there is something I can do to pull myself out of this funk.

All the best!

Image source: F. Möbius

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