Kick the Job Mentality

Nine to Five

Nine to Five

Many of us had a job before starting their own business. And some may still have a day job while growing the business to the point where they can quit.

Having a job is the norm. Getting a job is the reason behind going to college and getting a B.A. Landing a good job used to be the safe thing, the good thing, the expected thing.

Unfortunately, the world turned and changed. Even here in Germany, having a job does no longer guarantees a good life or an easy retirement.

Yet running one’s own business is seen as risky and less valuable than a “good job”. I believe it’s mostly something passed on in families (definitely in my family!). It’s what the generation of my parents experienced. They got a well-paying job, and are now receiving nice pensions.

My generation will not have that. It’s as simple as that.

So it makes sense to build a business instead.

Here is some EFT for you, if you have also been taught that you should aim for a good job and sacrifice your dreams for it. Tapping this could set you free and actually make you more successful in your business – and create the foundation for a good income and a nice nest egg.

Even though I was taught that the best plan for a good life would be to get a “good job” and earn good money, I’m okay the way I am and I’m open to the possibility that running a successful business might give me better value.

Even though I would like to follow my parents’ advice and feel like a bad daughter if I don’t, I’m okay the way I am and allow myself to enjoy running my own successful business.

Even though I sometimes wish for the safety of a good job, I’m okay the way I am and I choose to realize that a good business is a lot safer for me these days.

Got more blocks? Do you remember more stuff your dad used to tell you about jobs and businesses? EFT is a great way to transform this. If you want help, drop me an email, so we can schedule a  Free Exploratory Call.

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