Giving Permission



Are you allowed to really feel good?

To be ridiculously happy?

To be incredibly rich?

To be utterly successful?

Probably not. Most of us have a sense for what’s allowed for us and what is not allowed. We have limits for happiness, love, success and abundance. And we don’t grow beyond them unless we recognize them and do something about that.

Usually, we pick up those limits and family rules as kids.

Don’t ever be happier than your mom. Don’t ever show or even feel more love than Grandma. Never, ever be more successful than your dad, or richer than your brother. Sounds familiar?

And do you know that feeling that you can’t really enjoy a success because the next downfall is lurking just around the corner? Again, this is just an inner limit showing. And as long as we don’t challenge these rules, our subconscious takes great care to hold us within those limits. Because it’s safe.

Guy Hendricks calls this the “Upper Limit Problem” and wrote a whole book about it (The Big Leap). However, I’m not going to dig in this deep. But one of his teaching is very important:

You and everyone else can change, shift and transform those inner limits. There are lots of different techniques to do so, and I’ve often used EFT to help clients shift their limiting family rules.

The main point is that you become aware of those limits – and know they are simply something you learned as kid which is no longer true. You can give yourself permission to go beyong those limits.

And to make it easier for you here’s what I’m saying:

I give you permission to be utterly happy, loving, successful and abundant!

Lean into those rules, tap on the EFT points and see what happens! (And tell me in the comments, please.)

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  1. Wendy says:

    Well this came into my email at a very ‘coincidental’ moment! Perfect timing. I’ve given this a go and will let you know. Thanks Moebius – thanks for the confirmation that the Universe/Source is listening!

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