“I forgot how to ride a horse!”

riding lesson

Riding lesson

The other day, a woman came back to the stable where I take lessons, wanting to take up riding again after a year’s break for health reasons. And she had no problem at all getting her horse ready for the lesson. But she was fidgeting around near the box and looked very unhappy.

Since we had become friendly during the year before, I asked her what was wrong. And she blurted out: “I don’t know if I can still ride a horse! I’m so afraid I have forgotten everything!”

Cue in EFT.

In such situations, it’s so easy to find the set-up phrase. In this case, it was a very clear fear of no longer knowing how to ride a horse. So we tapped right there, in front of the horses.

Even though I’m so scared that I forgot how to ride, and everyone will laugh at me, including the horse, I’m okay the way I am and open to trusting body memory.

Even though I’m so scared I’ll disgrace myself, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possibility that I will remember the moment I’m in the saddle.

The tapping worked almost instantly. She had a smile on her face and enjoyed a great lesson with a cooperative horse.

This is typical EFT work on fears, especially as clear-cut as this one was. What are your fears? And which set-up phrases do you use on them?

Image source: F. Moebius

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10 Responses to “I forgot how to ride a horse!”

  1. Erin Hatton says:

    Very interesting story! Thanks for sharing. This is an intriguing technique.

    • Frauke Möbius says:

      Thank you, Erin! If you want to know more, you can sign-up for a free guide book on the right hand side. 🙂

  2. EFT is wonderful! I learned about it years ago and have had very good success with it. Thanks for sharing. Best Regards, Wendy http://wendybottrell.com UBC

    • Frauke Möbius says:

      Hi Wendy, glad you’re happy with EFT. Isn’t it wonderful! What kind of successes did you get?

  3. Sounds intriguing! The hardest part sometimes can be just to articulate the fears.

    • Frauke Möbius says:

      Indeed, which is why I usually name the fears for my clients when I work with them. Then it’s out in the open and a lot less threatening.

  4. I’m inclined to think in a positive way. Every day I face the fear of ridicle when I push my rollator up and down the hill beside idling traffic. I know they’re looking at me. They can’t avoid it. But I hope they’ll see the effort it takes me to endure and take the walk.

    • Frauke Möbius says:

      I think you’re brave for facing that fear every day, and doing it scared anyway. (And you could tap away that fear with EFT, too.)

  5. charlotte says:

    Thanx for sharing this story.

    Mine is Fear of Success. My word of the year is courage and as you know different kinds of are holding me back. Because of that I panic and paralyze: I don´t take action.

    After working with you and using tapping more often I not only identify my fears easier, but I also can replace ( I don´t like the word erase) them very quickly. Because of that I now can say I grow my productivity coaching business very fast despite of the fear.

    There will always be something to fear. But once you tapped one away it´s gone!

    I know I have a lot more to tap on and that´s okey 🙂

    • Frauke Möbius says:

      You’re welcome, Charlotte!

      Fear of Success is usually quite a mixture of different fears. Fear of being judged, fear of being exposed, fear of hurting someone else by being better or richer than they are … it often takes a little bit of digging around to come to the core issue behind that.

      I like to think that we’re transforming fears with EFT. Deep inside, on a heart level, we learn that we can survive what we were afraid of, and we can both let it go and transform it to something supportive. Fears are there to protect us, after all. And when it turns out this protection is not helping us, it can turn into a supporting belief, instead.

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