Money Mindset – Money is Hard to Earn

Money from a Tree?

Money from a Tree?

This is another belief that will make your life harder than necessary. Let’s take a closer look at it:

We’ve all heard those phrases:
“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
“You gotta work hard, son.”

And so on and so forth. I’m sure you’re familiar with them.

And yet… that’s just another bunch of those beliefs we learn as kids. the assumption that money will only come to those who work hard, long hours and burning lots of willpower – I believe it is especially prevalent in the US, but of course, it’s something people believe all around the world.

And it’s only as true as you make it.

This belief is especially damaging to entrepreneurs.

While many entrepreneurs start a business to get rich, there are also plenty who do it because for them, it means living a dream. I’m one of those, admittedly. Probably many writers, coaches, therapists and others start their own businesses because they love that line of work. Continue reading

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Money Mindset – Money Corrupts

Money Corrupts

Money Corrupts

This one is the logical, ruthless continuation of last month’s belief:

If money is bad, having a lot of money will make me a bad person.

We’ve all heard the phrase “money corrupts”.

And I freely admit it’s a belief I am familiar with. Because it’s so easy to look at the drug tsars and think that yes, they are doing it out of greed and because it’s so easy to make money with drugs.

And it’s highly criminal. All organized crime has to do with power and money. And that combination can be difficult – but is it really “just” the money? Or is it about the personality of people who think nothing of breaking society’s laws and being criminal?

And although I usually stay out of politics, I will say that the actions of the current US government and Congress is a glaring example of how deeply money can corrupt people indeed. We still aren’t seeing all of it, yet.

But no matter where you look, one thing is really clear:

If you believe that money will corrupt you as well – you’ll stay away from it. Continue reading

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Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets

Hidden Secrets

It almost seems as if those trees are hiding a secret. Something only they know. And maybe they do.

Trees survive winter, even though they can’t dress warmly or wrap blankets around them. They make it through most storms with minimal loss. And they endure frost.

How do they do that?

They tap deep into the ground, rooting themselves. That’s how they anchor against the storms. And deep down, it’s warm, even in winter. Maybe that’s where they grab some heat.

They know how to ground.

We can learn from them.

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Money Mindset – Money is Bad

Money is Evil

Money is Evil

All of us have lots and lots of beliefs about money. We soaked them right up as kids, from our parents, from school, from TV, from our friends. That’s because money is so central to our lives (much like family or friendships).

So we develop a lot of beliefs around it, and many are not exactly helpful.

One of the worst belief about money that you can have is this one:

Money is bad.

I think that’s a very old belief. It even existed in Roman times, when money became a major factor of the economy. And the reason behind this seems to be that money has a bad influence on people and/or causes bad things. It’s connected with:

– greed
– arrogance
– debt
– crime
– bribery
– manipulation

And just look at how some rich people are behaving, and you’ll get some substantial evidence that money could really be bad.

I’ll go into some of those in detail in later posts. So let’s just run with the idea that money is bad for now. Continue reading

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There are times when things are frozen. When they no longer move. Stagnant.

When we feel we’re stuck in place. Unable to make progress. Doomed to wait.

This is nature. It’s part of life.

And maybe, just like nature, it’s best to settle in. Wait. Quit fighting and focus on breathing, staying warm, taking good care of yourself.

Winter will pass. Things will move again, in their own good time.





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Money Mindset – Introduction



After much thought, I’m reviving this blog, somewhat. Once a month, there will be a longish EFT post, among those occasional stream-of-consciousness inspirational thoughts with the pictures I take.

And this year those posts will be about money and all the many blocks around this topic. Because money is pretty much central to our lives, if we’re honest.

Money is behind having a home, having food, and enjoying life. And it is why we leave our homes and families to go to work. Or why we hustle to build our businesses. Or why we do things we don’t enjoy in exchange for money.

Even deeper, our relationship with money and our blocks and limiting beliefs about it determine how hard it is to bring it into our lives.

So once a month, I’m going to take a deep look at money here.

At the blocks we have about it. At the beliefs we carry about it. At the limits we set ourselves about it. At the family system dynamics that influence us. At all those things going on in the dark, deep zone of subconscious beliefs, and hidden no-nos.

Why now?

Well, I’ve been thinking about the direction of this blog and how it can be useful for those of you who still find it and me. And there are more of you than I expected. I was letting you all down. That was a sobering thought. Continue reading

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Strength and Cooperation

This picture makes me think of strength.

Because that tree needs a lot of strength to grow like that all on its own. No neighbors, no friends, just itself and the will to grow tall.

To be honest, I believe we should look for friends and support, and that going it all alone isn’t really a virtue. Now that tree didn’t really have a choice. But we do. Maybe it is a strength in humans to cooperate and build something together.

Just a thought… what do you think?



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Morning Light

When you get up in the morning, you simply don’t know what will happen. And just as in the picture below, only certain aspects of the coming day will be easy to identify, while the rest is still hidden in the delicious fog of morning.

Ease into the day, let the fog lift gently and allow what is going to happen. Be open to expecting good things, solutions and – if possible – love. You can tap a  little to open your heart and release any fear if necessary.

And your day will become beautiful.

Village in the morning light

Village in the morning light.

(This is a small village near where I grew up, in the mild morning light of late December. )

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My blog has moved.

For my wonderful, hopeful visitors: My blog has moved to a new place.

While I still do EFT for many, many things, and still work with clients on all of their issues (unless it moves into the realm of therapy, which I am not allowed to do “long-distance”), I have found a new focus for my blogging.

As you probably know by now, I’m also a writer of fiction, and have published quite a few books. In fact, I’m working on several right now.

That means I’m intimately familiar with the life and woes of a writer. Which in turn means I can serve writers very well – in all matters of mindset, limiting beliefs and blocks.

Yet while my new blog focuses on the mindset of writers, you’ll find many interesting topics, even if you’re not a full-blooded writer, or even if you don’t care about writing at all. Because there is some overlap between writers and the rest of the society, after all.

So if you’re still interested in EFT and how to tap for stuff, and if you enjoyed my blogging, come on over to:

Writers’ Dream Coach

That’s where I “live” now, and yes, there is a weekly newsletter going out as well.

See you there!

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The Power of Mindset

I love...

I love …

This is a true story.

Ten days ago, I decided to radically shift my mindset about my books. (I’m writing fiction under a pen name.)

You see, I self-published my first book early in 2013. By now, I have three books out, and one on preorder that’ll be fully published soon. They are beautiful books, thanks to the people who create the graphics for it, and I also think they tell good stories.

But sales were frustrating.

It’s a marketing problem, my coach would say. It’s also a visibility problem – it’s not easy to have a book show up among the hundreds of thousands of genre books on Amazon.

So I resigned myself to minimal sales, checking the sales reports once in a while, and trying not to wince. Sound familiar?

I get coaching sessions for myself. (Every coach should.) And in one of those sessions, the advice that came through was: Just love your books. Forget about sales. Forget about frustration. LOVE your books.

So I gave them a prominent place in my bedroom. I went to sleep thinking loving thoughts and feeling proud of my books. During the day, I would imagine holding and hugging them. It was an experiment, but also something that felt right. Plus I had nothing to lose.

The very next day, I found a new review.

The day after, a sale. The first since Christmas. I kept sending love.

Another sale. Another review. More sales.

These last ten days have been better than the last three months together.

Of course, I have moments of doubt creep in. What if this is just a fluke? What if I’m imagining things? What if it’s just coincidence? And it’s not easy to keep that love flowing when doubt raises its ugly head.

Even so, I’m doing my best to stay in that feeling of love. I use mantras that help. And of course, I use tapping.

And ultimately, it feels much nicer to love my books unconditionally, than to be constantly frustrated about them. It makes my life better – and that alone is worth it.

The woo-woo part of the whole thing goes like this: It makes a fundamental difference whether I send out the energy of frustration or the energy of love, in general and in particular.

The energy of frustration simply gets me more of that. No sales.

The energy of love brings in love. Reader love, reviewer love, maybe even fan love.

Which is why it’s a good idea to choose love, whenever possible. A mindset of love is so crucial to everything we do, be it writing, coaching, cooking or running a business. It changes the whole ball game. It changes lives.

Here’s a bit of tapping to help you shift into a loving mindset.

Even though it feels totally weird to love something that’s frustrating me, I’m totally okay the way I am, and I now choose love over frustration.

Even though I don’t believe all this woo-woo stuff about energy and the universe, I’m okay the way I am, and I’m ready for an experiment.

Even though it feels so natural to be frustrated, and so weird to try and feel love instead, I’m okay the way I am, and I’m choosing to try this out.

As usual, you can shift those sentences around so they really fit you.

Your Turn:
What part of your life could profit from a mindset change? How will you express love for it? Please write a comment, and if possible, report back on the changes.

Image Source: F. Moebius

PS: I’m not updating this blog regulary at the moment, but when I do I am sending out a newsletter to go with it. You can sign up for that in the upper right hand corner – and you’ll be gifted an introduction to EFT.

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