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So Angry at Myself

Have you played around with some teeny, tiny goals? I hope you had some success. And I really hope you experienced that wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Yet I’m also fairly sure there will have been a goal that you missed. … Continue reading

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Loyalty that Hinders

All of us live in family systems. We are born into a family and grow up in one. And that’s where we learn the rules of our family system, even if they are never spoken aloud. Little kids have no … Continue reading

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Good self-care

I want to devote this post to a topic that many people neglect when under stress: Self-care. I’m no exception. When I get stressed, I stop cooking for myself. I eat too much chocolate. I play computer games to take … Continue reading

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Extreme Self-Care

EFT is a perfect tool for self-help. And that’s why I’m offering it here, to all of you. However, using EFT for yourself is most useful, when you also take good care of yourself. And that’s what this post is … Continue reading

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