What if I’m not good enough?

Not good enough

Not good enough.

Throughout our lives, we have been taught to compare ourselves with others, starting in kindergarden at the latest. We compared the pictures we created. We compared our running speeds. We compared grades in school and competed for best of class in college.

We compare earnings, cars and lifestyle as adults. We compare beauty, fitness and weight. We compare everything, and we still do today, most of the time. It’s still our life. We were trained to compete all the time.

And of course, nobody can win all those competitions. Only one can be the best, and the rest are losers. Not good enough. At a bet, there are tons of things you believe you’re not the best in.

I know I’m not the fastest runner, not the best rider, not the biggest marketer, not living in the biggest, most beautiful and cleanest apartment. And that could make me sad, because very clearly there are people who are better at these things.

I’m not a good enough runner, rider, marketer, apartment owner or housekeeper. That’s one conclusion to draw. Many of us draw this conclusion every day.

“I’m just not good enough.” *sigh*

It kills all joy. It kills all motivation. It’s insidious, because it’s so ingrained. And it’s one of the most difficult things to let go.

However, there is only one comparison in life that actually makes sense: Am I better today than I was last week?

That’s the only comparison that really matters. Your growth in your area of choice is what counts. Am I a better marketer today than last week? That’s something I can work on. And you can work on your choice – be a better coach? Be a better blog author? Make more money this month than last month?

Those are results you can use to improve yourself. They make you better and serve a higher purpose. They also fit you. And then you can be good enough. Or set a higher mark for yourself in loving kindness.

Here are some tapping phrases to help you shift your mindset:

Even though I thought I have to be the best in everything and could never be good enough, I’m okay the way I am; and I now choose to realize that comparing myself to everyone else is foolish.

Even though I always felt that I’m not good enough because I cannot win every comparison, I’m still okay the way I am; and I now choose to only compare me with myself in loving kindness.

Even though it’s so hard to let go of the comparing and the feeling of not being good enough, I’m okay the way I am; and I now choose to find good ways of facilitating my inner growth by limiting comparison to myself.

Did this resonate with you? Did the tapping shift anything for you? Please let me know in a comment.

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Image source: F. Moebius

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