Dealing with Distraction



Did you just catch yourself playing Solitaire? Or hopping onto Facebook and scrolling through your timeline? And of course, you do this while should be creating content or writing bills or tweak a package…

Possibly now you feel guilty on top of being stressed and running behind schedule.

And you find yourself looking at CNN only a moment later.

That’s actually a very normal pattern. It’s a way of dealing with stress that you probably learned very early in life. I like to call it “numbing out”. And the truth is, this pattern does help for a few seconds. It does take away the stress for a moment – but at a high price. At the price of guilt and shame.

You can stop blaming yourself this moment, though.

Thing is, this was a solution once. If homework was too stressful, you went out and played, and possibly your mind relaxed enough to remember the lesson and do it easily when you came home. It helped you be creative. And since it worked back then, you never looked for another solution.

Now that you’re running your own business, or taking care of your family, or trying to write a book, well, that solution no longer works that well. That’s because we as adults choose ways of numbing out that do not enhance creativity. Taking in more news through FB or CNN only stresses the mind even more. (Half an hour of gardening, on the other hand, might still work admirably.)

So here’s where EFT comes in. It’s a great, fast method for destressing and re-focusing. I’m giving you some sample set-up phrases, but feel free to change them to fit your personal situation. (And do check out the menu under EFT, I have some more info for you there, including a video demonstration of how to do EFT in What is this Tapping?)

Try this the next time you feel the need to play Solitaire or surf the web for some entertainment away from your tasks:

 Even though I just can’t think anymore, I feel so pressured and stressed out, I’m okay the way I am, and I just allow myself to rest and breathe for a moment.

Even though I lost my focus and I feel bad about being unproductive at the moment, I’m okay the way I am and I choose to allow myself a little break and go back to being creating after taking a deep, deep breath.

Even though I feel stressed and overwhelmed, I’m okay the way I am and I’m now open to the possibility that I can let go of my stress, tap into joy and allow myself to love being creative again.

What happened after tapping? Did something shift for you? Please share in the comments.

Image Source: F. Moebius

PS: If you would like support in dealing with stress, overwhelm or anything else that makes your life miserable, click here, send me that email, and we’ll work out how I can support you best.

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