The EFT Pick-Me-Up



Sometimes, we just run out of steam. No energy to do even just one more thing. And if you’re like me, there are lots of things on your to-do list.

That’s normal. And it’s a sign we need to schedule breaks and recreation in our calendars. So do that now. Go and schedule a break – I’ll wait for you until you get back here.

Now, sometimes, we don’t have time for a break. (Don’t make that a habit, though!) But if the going gets rough, and you just *have* to get things done, there’s nothing but gritting your teeth and hanging in there, and git ‘er done!


Well, there’s EFT. Continue reading

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Are you in a Relationship with your Business?

I love my Business

I love my Business

Of course! What a silly question!

But have you ever really sat down and considered the relationship you have with your business?

How do you feel about the business that you created and are working to grow now? Is it still a willful baby? Is it purring along nicely and making you good money? Or is it stuttering und moving in spurts and fits?

How do you feel about your business?

Quite possibly it’s a love / hate relationship. And I’m fairly sure it’s not the kind of relationship you dreamed of when you started out. However, we can change that.

Here’s what to do: Continue reading

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Standing in Your Power

stand in your power

Stand in your power

Sometimes, when things don’t go as you want them, or when people criticize you, the natural reaction is to contract and play small. We give in, we apologize, we hope this situation will go away somehow.

And that makes us lose our power.

It feels safer than staying tall and strong.

Playing small is what we are used to. For a long time in our lives – in fact, for most of our forming years – we were small. We had less power than our parents, we were forced to obey and do what they wanted. So we learned to deal with that by stuffing our emotions away, by ducking our heads and by doing what others wanted.

It’s normal. It’s safe. It’s what we are used to.

And it keeps us small. Continue reading

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Easing Overwhelm



At a bet, most people are very familiar with the feeling of overwhelm. It’s a mix of fear and panic – and it stops our brain from working. As long as we’re caught in overwhelm, we cannot think constructively, and problem-solving mechanisms are not online.

However, EFT is a fast and simple solution to overwhelm. Continue reading

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Getting Back on the Band Waggon

Oh, man

Oh, man.

We all fall off the Band Waggon at times. Maybe there’s illness. A vacation. An emotional and motivational slump. It happens.

And the only thing that we need to do is to simply get back up and back to our good habits and productivity.

Except there might be emotions in the way.

Disappointment. Shame. Anger.

They are natural. We have learned to feel them. And it’s good to feel them because they alert us to circumstances we need to change. However, if those emotions linger, they keep us stuck and off the band waggon.

So, what to do? Continue reading

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Living with Bad Mistakes

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

Sometimes, we make really bad mistakes. And the results cannot be undone. Results we have to live with in the future. These bad things happen.

And they cause massive bad feelings. Deep remorse, anger at oneself, enormous guilt. Which is normal in such cases. Many people experience this.

Yet, regardless of what happened and how bad the results were, we need to process these feelings. Getting stuck in them – and that happens quite often – will lead to a deeply unhappy life. Continue reading

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Instant Headache, Anyone?

Listen to your body

Listen to your body.

I’m experiencing this right now, and maybe you’re familiar with it, as well: As soon as you leave your comfort zone (which I’m doing fairly often at this moment in my life), your body responds with warning signals. For me, that signal is a headache in the right side of my head. And it comes and goes within minutes. When I do something stressful, it’s instant headache time.

So I listen to my body, I acknowledge the headache and the stress, and then I tap and consciously de-stress. Which usually leads to the headache dissipating in a few minutes.

Are you familiar with this? Is your body talking to you through pain? Continue reading

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Tap Away Computer Anger



It’s familiar to all of us who use some form or shape of technology. Just this morning, for example, I tried to log onto a certain social media platform and was utterly frustrated by their security system.


There are few things that can make us blow our fuse faster than computer trouble. We want to be efficient, write our blog post quickly, dash off an email – and then we run into a tech snag that just derails us. Continue reading

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New Year, New Focus

Happy New Year 2014

Ships in Kiel Harbor

It is a brand new year that lies ahead of us. And I’m sure you’re already tired of hearing New Year Resolutions or the Word of the Year stuff. (Yes, I do love the Word of the Year, and I have one, but there’s plenty on that out there.)

Today, I want to talk about something else.

This year is like a brand new journal. Imagine that it has 365 pages that you can fill. And you can fill them exactly with what you want to put in there.

Really? Continue reading

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Worry = Love?



Most of us know how to worry. We allow our thoughts to bring up images of destruction, failure and loss. We spend time and time again with scenarios that just might be. Worry even prevents much needed sleep, keeping us awake. All in all, worry robs us of precious energy.

It doesn’t make sense. And yet, we keep doing it. Why?

Because worrying solves problems.


I firmly believe that all behaviour makes sense on some level or other. And so I believe that even worrying makes sense. It is a problem solver that can become a problem by itself. That’s all it is, no more, no less.

So what does worrying do for us? Continue reading

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