Worry vs. Happy


Worry *

Don’t worry, be happy …

The Law of Attraction says we get what we send out. So it would be logical to strive towards being happy and grateful, and we’d get more to be happy and grateful about. Sounds simple, right?

It isn’t. If you’re like many people I know, you can get caught in a virtual carussel of worry. If you don’t worry about money, your business or job, you can worry about your kids and partners, or your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, your long-lost friend from school – the possibilities are endless. And that is precisely why we worry. Worry occupies the mind.

Of course, behind all that is another family rule or pattern, in this case. How many of you have a professional worry wart in your family? There you are. And worrying has the potential of dominating one’s life. But what is the upside of worrying?

How could there possibly be an upside of worrying? Well, that habit of mind is working hard for us. Worrying means we are already doing something. We’re putting our heart into it, we’re denying ourselves happines, and all of this for the love of someone we care for. (Even the long-lost school friend.) Worrying also often means we don’t need to do anything else. Most of all, we don’t have to do anything for ourselves. For many people, it feels nobler to worry about someone they love, rather than eating well, reading a book, having fun or – heaven forbid! – working on their own dreams.

Worry covers up the dreadful feeling of missing one’s own life. At that, it’s a huge protector, a powerful solution, albeit not a very good one. And anyone who seriously wants to give up worrying (and you should), needs to look at the feelings that made worrying so strong in the first place. A fear of change, a fear of one’s own power, and deep regret for what could have been. Often, it’s easier to drop back into worry. At least now you know the pattern, so you can start to see and change it.

Now, if you’re ready to exchange worry for happiness, tap along with me.

KP: Even though I’m an expert at worrying, and it feels strangely good to occupy myself with worrying, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possibility that I can show my love and concern in a different way.

Even though I really know how to worry and can spend hours doing it, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possibility that doing something else might be better for me.

Even though I have no idea what else to do instead of worrying, I never learned what I should do instead, I’m okay the way I am and open to the possibility that there actually IS something better to do for my family and friends.

IE: I’m a worry expert.
OE: I’ve had YEARS of practice. I can worry with the best.
E: And I always thought this was a good way of showing love and sympathy.
UN: Even if I couldn’t help, at least I could worry.
CP: And it feels kinda good. I’m close to the people I worry about.
CB: It’s often the best I can do.
UA: I keep all my loved ones in my thoughts – and I worry about them all the time.
AW: It’s what I learned to do, and it’s what I learned is right.
Take a deep breath!

IE: Oh, yes, I can worry with the best of them.
OE: I can always find something to worry about. Even if it’s the weather.
E: In fact, it worries me if I don’t worry about something.
UN: And in a way, this protects me.
CP: Worrying keeps me occupied.
CB: So I don’t even feel anything else.
UA: It’s better that way.
AW: I don’t want to feel what I possibly could feel!
Take a deep breath!

IE: I’m afraid of what I might feel.
OE: So I worry instead.
E: Except that worrying like that has quite a price.
UN: The price is my happiness.
CP: I’ve never seen it that clearly before.
CB: I can worry, or I can be happy.
UA: But what would my family and friend think if I stopped worrying?
AW: Maybe they would actually want me to be happy?
Take a deep breath!

IE: I’ve spent so much time worrying, I forgot how to be happy!
OE: That is worrysome … but I want to change that now.
E: I can decide to wean myself from worrying.
UN: I can decide to allow myself half an hour of worrying every day.
CP: And then I’m done with it, and am allowed to be happy!
CB: Wow. That sounds doable.
UA: I’ll get a timer today. And then I’ll have my worry hour.
AW: And I choose to be happy the rest of the day.
Take a deep breath!

This topic can always use some more work and attention. Keep coming back to this whenever you feel that habit of worrying gain the upper hand again. You are really worth both time and the energy that you waste by worrying. Use them for yourself instead, and you might be pleasently surprised at what happens.

So what are you worrying about? Please tell me in the comments.

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*Image courtesy of “Master isolated images” / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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